Lego Duplo Building Block Sets

lego duplo building block setsLego Duplo Building Block Sets are created specifically for children 2-5 years old. The sets are designed to provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment for our children.

The blocks are a bit larger than your normal lego building sets that are for older children, making it easier for young children to build and create.

And, these larger blocks are still compatible with the traditional Lego blocks.

Lego Duplo Building Block Sets – Trains

These colorful trains sets will provide hours of fun. When our oldest grandson Bobby was 3 years old he was infatuated with Thomas the Train. Our daughter even had a Thomas The Train birthday party theme for his 3rd birthday.

The Lego Duplo Town My First Train Set is a perfect starter for girls or boys who love trains. It is a 52 piece set including the train engineer, and a young child carrying a suitcase. The kids will have loads fun building the train and the station.

Another popular set for girls and boys alike is the Lego Number Train. The kids will have fun and learn their numbers and how to count at the same time. This is perfect for teaching children how to place the numbers in the correct order.

LEGO DUPLO Town My First Train Set 10507LEGO DUPLO Town My First Train Set 10507See The Price HereLEGO Duplo Thomas Starter Set (5544)LEGO Duplo Thomas Starter Set (5544)See The Price HereLego Duplo Number Train Lego DuploLego Duplo Number Train Lego DuploSee The Price Here

Lego Duplo Building Block Sets – Mickey Mouse

Who doesn’t love Disney’s Mickey Mouse? Stop in and visit the clubhouse and spend some time with Mickey, Minnie, and friends. Take a look at this 15 piece Disney Mickey Racer Building Kit.

You will find Mickey Mouse in his racing outfit and all ready for the big race. Have fun building the gas pump with Mickey Mouse’s ears. Build Mickey’s roadster with a removable spoiler. Then build the starting gate and begin the race. Then Don’t forget to stop at the gas pump to fill up the tank.

Preschool and Pre-kindergarten children will have so much fun with this large block Disney Junior Mickey and Friends Beach House. Build the beach house complete with the windows and a deck. Then imagine Donald Duck pulling Goofy on the water board with the tow rope while Mickey takes pictures with the camera from the deck.

More fun with Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade. this is another perfect toy for learning numbers. Build the birthday cake complete with a candle. Set up the decorated gift bricks. Then sing along with everyone to wish Minnie a Happy Birthday.

LEGO DUPLO Brand Disney Mickey Racer 10843 Building Kit (15LEGO DUPLO Brand Disney Mickey Racer 10843 Building Kit (15See The Price HereLEGO DUPLO Disney Junior Mickey & Friends Beach House, Preschool,LEGO DUPLO Disney Junior Mickey & Friends Beach House, Preschool,See The Price HereLEGO DUPLO l Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey & MinnieLEGO DUPLO l Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey & MinnieSee The Price Here

Disney Princess Lego Duplo Building Sets for the Girls

Enter the world of fairy tales with Disney Princess Lego sets. Imagine traveling to far away lands as a beautiful Princess and playing in your own magical castle.

Build Cinderella’s Magical Castle then, imagine dancing with Prince Charming on the dance floor that actually turns. Or, climb the stairs to Cinderella’s bedroom and comb her hair by the vanity. The girls will have hours of fun with this.

Lego Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle is for ages 6-12. I had to include this one because Our granddaughter Giada is in love with Princess Elsa and Anna. Play along and build the ice castle with Elsa, have some fun sliding down the ice slide. Take a ride in the sleigh and visit Olaf or climb the secret staircase for some fun adventures.

Imagine yourself any Princess that you want to be with this Disney Princess Collection. This 63 piece multi-colored set ages 2-5 will allow your own little Princess to be whoever she chooses.

LEGO DUPLO l Disney Princess Cinderella's Magical Castle 10855 LargeLEGO DUPLO l Disney Princess Cinderella’s Magical Castle 10855 LargeSee The Price HereLEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle 41062LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle 41062See The Price HereEasy To Assemble Brightly Colored DUPLO Disney Princess Collection, MulticolorEasy To Assemble Brightly Colored DUPLO Disney Princess Collection, MulticolorSee The Price Here

I can honestly say with four grandchildren ages 11 to 2 years old that the Lego Duplo building block sets are kid and grandparent approved. And, as all of you know, be careful walking around in your bare feet after the kids have played with their Lego building sets.

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