Classic Erector Sets Learning New Skills

classic erector setsWhen it’s time to take a break from video games and television we all want our kids to be doing something constructive. Consider one of these Classic Erector Sets for hours of fun.

These Classic Erector Sets:

Will keep your kids busy while they learn some new skills, using logic, and creativity.

Here is another toy that has stood the test of time. These sets have been around for years and are still popular today.

Did you know this toy was developed by a magician? His name was Alfred Carlton Gilbert. In 1911 he was watching steel girders being erected to carry power lines, and this is what inspired him to develop the toy. And, in 1913 the very first Erector sets were sold. They became an immediate hit and were the most popular selling construction toy in the United State. Wow, that was a long time ago.

Bobby has two multimodel Erector sets one to build 10 models with 190 pieces. The second set is a 30 model set with 350 pieces. On the box of the 30 model set is printed ages 8 to 88 so, I guess you’re never too old to build with an Erector set.

We’ve spent hours building so many of the different vehicles, airplanes, and even a helicopter. It’s always satisfying to see the finished project. Especially when you have made something using the motor, it’s really neat to see the moving parts.  Some projects have taken Bobby days to complete.

Some neat parts that are included with some Classic Erector Sets:

You’ll find such neat things in these sets, like gears, wheels and pinions, pulleys and belts, and a six-volt electric motor to bring your creation to life. It’s so much fun to build a project from the instructions. Or, the kids can use their skills, logic, and creativity to build something of their very own.

In my opinion, there is one downside to having just one Erector set. You can only build one vehicle or project at a time. Sometimes you just like to put your project on a shelf and show it off for a while. We have two sets so we can build more than one project at a time.

Even with this downside, I do recommend the Erector Set as a great toy for hours of fun and creativity. This is not recommended for children 3 years of and under as there are many small parts.

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Give your kids hours of fun and enjoyment while they learn some new building skills with one of these popular Erector Sets.


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