Lincoln Logs Building Sets

Lincoln Logs Building SetsI just love a classic toy that I played with as a kid and now play with the same toy with my grandchildren. Lincoln logs building sets are just another classic toy to stand the test of time.

We got Tyler a set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas. This classic toy is just the way I remember it. Lincoln Logs is another toy the kids will have hours of fun with, and learn some skills along the way.

Nothing to plug in or no batteries required with this classic toy. Just open it up and begin building. Kids can build from the instructions or be creative to build their very own masterpieces.



Lincoln Logs Building Sets: History

Did you know? Lincoln Logs was invented by John Lloyd Wright, the son of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. His father designed the foundation of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo Japan with interlocking logs to make it earthquake-proof.

This gave John the inspiration to design and market the Lincoln Log toy in 1918.  I just love researching the history of how these classic toys were created.

Lincoln Logs Building Sets: 100th Anniversary Set

LINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary Tin - 111 All-Wood PiecesLINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary Tin – 111 All-Wood PiecesBuy Now This anniversary set comes with 111 pieces all made of real maple wood and all made in the USA.

Follow the instructions and build the tall tower. Then imagine climbing the tower to be the lookout for the fort. Or, the forest ranger looking over the tall trees and watching the trails.

Build two small houses with a bonfire. This set even includes pieces to build seats for the bonfire. So, the kids can pretend to sit and roast marshmallows.

Next, build a log cabin and go camping. They will have hours of fun with this colorful set.

Lincoln Logs: Oak Creek Lodge

LINCOLN LOGS – Oak Creek Lodge – 137 Pieces –LINCOLN LOGS – Oak Creek Lodge – 137 Pieces –Buy Now

Oak Creek Lodge has 137 pieces in this colorful set. The Oak Creek Lodge also contains three building ideas for the kid’s fun and imagination.

You and the kids can build three cabins and two horse stables with easy step-by-step instructions. This one also includes a plastic cowboy and horse.

Tie your horse up to the fence post and get ready for a hard day of work building your log cabin. Then pack up and ride off into the sunset after that hard day of work.


Lincoln Logs: Collector’s Edition Village

LINCOLN LOGS –Collector's Edition Village – 327 Pieces – ForLINCOLN LOGS –Collector’s Edition Village – 327 Pieces – ForBuy Now

Get ready for some serious building fun with the Lincoln Log Collector’s Edition Village. This one is a 327-piece set all packed in a classic tin for easy storage.

Now, with this set, the kids can build a variety of log cabin structures. The instructions include three separate models or once again the kids can use their imagination to build their own.

These classic Lincoln Logs Buiding Sets are for all ages 3+. I guess that you’re never too old to play with Lincoln Logs. I know I’m not too old as I have so much fun with my grandchildren building Lincoln Logs. Oh! the memories it brings back for me.

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