Tonka Steel Dump Trucks

Tonka Steel Dump Trucks: Fun for Boys and Girls

Tonka Steel Dump TrucksBobby’s Tonka Steel Dump Trucks was just one his many favorite toys. He pushed his truck all over the house loading the bed with anything he could find.

When winter finally became summer that year I dumped a pile of dirt next to a tree in the backyard. As long as the sun was shining we would be playing in the dirt with his Tonka Dump truck.

Filling up the bed of the truck with dirt then driving it around the tree to dump it. Then, go back for another load.


Tonka Steel Dump Trucks: Built to last

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck VehicleTonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck Vehicle

The Tonka line of toys is guaranteed for life! Who does that anymore? The bodies of the Tonka Steel dump trucks are all steel construction.

The bottom, wheels, and bumper are made of durable plastic to last forever. The big wheels make it easy to push through and over dirt, grass, and small rocks.

This truly is a toy that you and your children will cherish for a lifetime. The steel construction makes this a perfect gift for boys and girls alike. You know how rough the kids can get with their toys this one won’t break.

Tonka Steel Dump Trucks: We have the full line of Tonka Toys

Tonka 90697 Classic Steel Front End Loader VehicleTonka 90697 Classic Steel Front End Loader Vehicle

The Tonka Classic Steel Front End Loader Vehicle is another must have for the construction site.

Scoop up loads of dirt and sand to move it from one construction site to the next. Or, load the dump truck with the front loader that moves up and down.

The Tonka line of steel construction toys are well built and guaranteed for life.





Tonka Steel Bulldozer VehicleTonka Steel Bulldozer Vehicle

Next, we have the classic Tonka Steel Bulldozer. This one is a must-have on the construction site. Clearing the path for the other construction vehicles.

The movable blade makes it easy to push the dirt, sand, and rocks out of the way. Push the dirt into piles for the front end loader to scoop it up.

Or, Clear the path and create a road for the other vehicles.





Tonka 93931 Classic Steel Backhoe VehicleTonka 93931 Classic Steel Backhoe Vehicle

The Classic Steel Backhoe Vehicle is just another must-have for the construction site. The kids or the big kids can rotate the cab and scoop up the dirt from any side of the backhoe.

The bucket is also movable making it easy to dump the load. You may have to dig a trench to lay in a new gas line or water line on the construction site.

A fun idea is to have some 1/2-inch PVC pipe handy. Have the kids dig a trench and lay in the new pipe.





I can tell that these built tough Tonka toys with a pile of dirt and sand are just a whole lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed many hours of fun with my grandchildren playing with our Tonka line of toys. With this line of Tonka toys the kids, moms, dads, and even the grandparents will be playing in the dirt. So, it’s a good idea to have some soap and water handy for clean up.

These toys have created memories that I’ll never forget. Pick out your line of Tonka toys now and start having fun.

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