Play-Doh Dentist Playset

Play-Doh Dentist PlaysetIt’s amazing what grandparents keep in their house for when the grandchildren visit. Our Play-Doh Dentist Playset is now on our fourth grandchild.

Kids just love paly-doh and this Doctor Drill-N-Fill Play-Doh Dentist Playset fits the bill. This is so much fun for more than one child at a time.

When our two granddaughters visit this is one of the first things they play with. Our 12-year-old grandson jumps in and plays right along with them. So, I guess you’re never too old to have fun with play-doh.


Play-Doh Dentist Playset: Includes

Play-doh dentist set

  • Play base dentist tray (mold new teeth)
  • Head with ears (The patient)
  • Electric Drill ( Needs 2-AA Batteries)
  • Tweezers (To Pull Teeth)
  • Mirror
  • Braces Roller
  • Toothbrush
  • 3-cans of play-doh ( White, Silver, and Red)

Everything the kids will need to work on their patient. Oh, my use the red play-doh to grow a tongue in the patient’s mouth.

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Play-Doh Dentist Playset: Let the fun begin

The girls always start off by making some new teeth with the mold. Bobby and Tyler did the same. Fill up the patient’s mouth with new teeth. Now, it’s time to examine those new choppers.

Fill up the toothbrush with the red play-doh and brush his teeth. Oh! no, we found a cavity. This is my favorite part, watching them drill the tooth and fill the cavity with the gray play-doh. Oh, wow, this tooth is not going to make it. We’re going to have to use the tweezers and pull the bad tooth. Okay, let’s pull that tooth and put in a new one.

Press out the gray play-doh and use the braces roller to roll out a new set of braces. Trim off the excess and set the new braces around your patient’s new teeth.

This turns out to be a great dental hygiene learning experience for the kids. Taking care of your teeth is serious business. You never want the dentist to have to use that drill on your teeth.

Parent or grandparent the Play-Doh Dentist Playset is a fun addition to your arsenal of activities for the kids. Your kids are going to spend hours playing with this one.

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