Nintendo Handheld Game System

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This Nintendo Handheld Game System is kid approved by Bobby and Tyler. Technology sure is moving fast, or maybe I’m just getting older.  Who remembers Pong? One of the first ever video tennis games.

With the two bars on your TV screen and a ball where you had to outscore your opponent. For those of you who are too young to remember you may have to look that one up.

Well now I’m really giving away my age, but really technology has come so far since then. Today gaming is as simple as a handheld device that you can take anywhere which really makes this a great idea for travel and long trips in the car.

Nintendo Handheld Game System the Beginning:

Nintendo rules the market for handheld gaming, with their first attempt; The Gameboy released in 1989, and now with the Nintendo DS systems they continue to dominate the market.

Oh well, enough history, I’m not really a gamer myself. Although I did own a Gameboy, and still have our Nintendo 64 console that hooks up to the television. My grandson and I play our favorite game Space Invaders all of the time.

So, I can only speak about the Nintendo handheld game systems through my grandsons. Both Bobby and Tyler each have their own handheld game system and can play for hours. As long as they play in moderation and not all day long.

My opinion is; I think they learn hand-eye coordination very quickly. I also think that the kids learn some problem-solving skills with these games. Some people may disagree with me on this. But, I watch them play and can see how they manipulate the controls for coordination. And, then think their way out of different situations in the game. They are doing all of this and having fun while learning some new skills.

I can say that Nintendo has excellent customer service. Bobby dropped his game and broke it while still under the one-year warranty. We sent the game back to Nintendo. Within a week the console was fixed and back in Bobby’s hands. There was no charge, and the game came back with a new one-year warranty.

I think these games make great gifts kids and adults alike. A word of caution, a conversation is nonexistent while the kids are playing their games. In the case of an emergency when you do have to talk to them and it requires a response, there is a pause button.

Perfect Accessory for Your Nintendo Handheld Game System:

BRENDO Hard Carrying Case for New Nintendo 2DS XL +BRENDO Hard Carrying Case for New Nintendo 2DS XL +See the Price Here

This hard carrying case is just the perfect accessory for your new Nintendo Handheld Game System.

This handy carrying case includes a large stylus pen, a large compartment to fit your wall charger, a game cartridge holder that holds 24 of your favorite games, and a large accessories pocket for anything else you may need.

This carrying case makes it really easy to have all your gaming needs ready for travel. So, pack it all up and take your handheld console and favorite games anywhere.


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  • I got one for my son a couple years a go and he loved it.

  • My 3 teenage grandsons have had Nintendo handheld games for years and are all quite expert on it. I marvel at their coordination and abilities and one day I may get one of them to show me how to work it… LOL. Kids born into today’s technical world find understanding the how-to’s so much easier than those grandparent aged who have to first learn the technology. 🙂

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