Fun Family Board Games

Monopoly Gamer-fun family board gamesWho can remember family game night? When everyone sits around laughing and playing fun family board games.

Does anyone still do that? Well, we play board games as much as we can with our grandchildren.

This Monopoly Gamer board game is new to our family this year.  This game is a fun twist on the classic Monopoly board game.

I had several hours of fun playing this with Tyler. The game features a Nintendo theme. Instead of your standard Monopoly tokens, this game has the kids favorite Super Mario characters.

You can play as Yoshi, Mario, Princess Peach, or Donkey Kong. The rules are a bit different, instead of buying up properties and becoming wealthy, you collect coins, complete levels and earn points.

In this came you still buy up property as you land on it. Each property has a point value to it, and if another player lands on your property they will need to pay you in coins.

The object of the game is to be the player with the most points. The game also has a power-up feature. Land on a power-up space and you roll a special die for coins from the bank or more board space.

Wait!! Monopoly Gamer also has the classic Nintendo bosses. You can battle and defeat the boss for more coins or property trades with the other players. All in all, this is a really fun game to play with the kids or even adults. The age of Monopoly Gamer is 8+.

Monopoly GamerMonopoly GamerMonopoly Gamer Collector's EditionMonopoly Gamer Collector’s EditionMonopoly Classic GameMonopoly Classic Game

Fun Family Board Games:

Sorry board game-fun family board games

“Sorry” is just another classic childhood board game that is still popular today. The Sorry game is ages 6+ with 2 to 4 players.

The game is played with colored pawns. Each player having four pawns starting in the home position. There is a deck of 45 cards each player draws a card that will have instructions on how to move.

Move from the start position around the board to your safe zone and then home. The first player to get all of their pawns in the home position is the winner.

Don’t get too comfortable because there are cards that will make you move backward or send you back to your start position.

Sorry! 2013 Edition GameSorry! 2013 Edition GameSorry Game (Amazon Exclusive)Sorry Game (Amazon Exclusive)Sorry! Star Wars Edition Family Board Game 2014 Disney HasbroSorry! Star Wars Edition Family Board Game 2014 Disney Hasbro

Fun Family Board Games:

Candy Land-fun family board games


Candy Land a fun colorful board game for children ages 3 to 6. Parents and Grandparents, you’re going to have a lot of fun playing this one with the kids.

A sweet game moving around the board to get to the castle. Kids will love the many sweet stops along the way.

The game helps the younger kids learn colors very quickly. I’m always the one that lands on the sticky licorice and loses my turn.

Candy Land The World of Sweets Game (Amazon Exclusive)Candy Land The World of Sweets Game (Amazon Exclusive)Candy Land 65th Anniversary GameCandy Land 65th Anniversary GameRetro Series Candy Land 1967 Edition GameRetro Series Candy Land 1967 Edition Game

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