Disney Bedtime Story Books

Disney Bedtime Story BooksAny parent or grandparent will want to have Disney Bedtime Story Books handy and by the bedside for bedtime.

Over the years we have read many of these stories to our kids. Now we get to read these same stories and many new ones to our grandchildren. How special is that?



Our oldest grandson Bobby has outgrown these bedtime stories but his little brother Tyler and our granddaughters Giada and Guiliana are a perfect age for these classic Disney stories.

When we’re having a fun sleepover and it’s difficult to get the kids to go to bed we pick up our copy of Disney bedtime favorites.

When they see the book they get excited to hear a story or two. So, grandparents grab a copy for your house and let the memories begin.

Disney children favorites Our copy has many of the Disney favorites with nineteen bedtime stories.

Some are classics like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Pinocchio, and Bambi. And, many are new such as Cars, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo.

All with beautifully illustrated pictures that just jump off of the pages

Disney Bedtime Story Books:

Along with the movies, this is a fun way to introduce the Disney characters to the children. The pictures are beautiful and very well illustrated making it easy to point out and learn the characters. Sometimes I try to mimic the characters voices. I’m not very good at this but it does make the kids laugh.

Disney Bedtime Story Books: Get your favorite copy now


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