The Crayola Paint Maker

The Crayola Paint Maker

Crayola does it again with the Crayola Paint Maker for ages 8+. This one is Bobby’s, and he has so much fun with it. Bobby is so into creating and experimenting, I think that’s why he likes this one so much.

The Crayola Paint Maker

With the Crayola Paint maker, you get to mix and shake your own custom paint colors. Creating bright and bold colors is even more fun when you make your own custom paints. All to be used later because this comes with your own paintbrush.

The Crayola Paint Maker: Out of the box

Crayola Paint Maker

The set up is easy, just follow the simple assembly instructions. The paint maker has two detachable utility plates. One side is storage for all of your paint creations, and the other side is storage for paint strips and base paint.

Both will fold up and allow you to attach a handle (included) so you can take it anywhere, and create custom colors.

The Crayola Paint Maker: Includes

  • 1 Bottle of Base Paint
  • A Color Mixing Guide
  • 75 Paint Strips
  • Paint maker Base with Crank and Mixer
  • Paint Pot Holder (For paint storage)
  • Utility plate (for base paint and paint strip storage)
  • 15 Paint Pots and Labels
  • Detachable Handle
  • 10 Paper sheets 6″ x 9″
  • Paintbrush

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It’s Easy to Create your own Paint with The Crayola Paint Maker

Choose a paint color form the color guide. Place an empty paint pot into the utility tray, and fill it to the line with the base paint. Choose your desired paint stips needed to make your custom color.

Separate the paint strips from the backing and place them into base paint pot. Snap on the lid, align according to the instructions. Now, turn the red handle continuously for  30 seconds.

Check to see if the paint is mixed well. If not put back and continue turning until the paint is mixed. Now all you need to do is write out a label for your very own paint creation.


Bobby likes to mix up a few colors first before he begins to create some pretty neat art. I have to say Bobby is a really talented artist for his age.

Well, I am his grandfather so I may be inclined to be in his favor. I do think he’s good for his age.

Here is an example of one of his drawings. Bobby drew this freehand on notebook paper.  This is the character Oswald form Epic Mickey.

So, if you have a little artist in your family then the Crayola Paint maker is a perfect gift idea.

Don’t Forget the Refill Kits for your Crayola Paint Maker

Crayola Paint MakerCrayola Paint MakerCrayola Paint Maker Refill packsCrayola Paint Maker Refill packs

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